How to Convert Leads as Customers

Follow the below 4 step process. Don’t try to sell anything during the first step.

1. Send warm welcome email

This is the first step, you send them very warm welcome email and make sure that, recipient is comfortable. Don’t worry about the un-subscription as human beings accept the warm welcomes as they have already shown interest with your product or Service.

2. Offer / Showcase them to Visit your website and download (make them register)

Send them periodic updates and offer free and useful stuff. Ex. trial products for users to try and manage or any document which can share the information. To get the piece of information or download, invite users to visit your website and download from it. Make a logger to show them how many users had benefited and from the page, you extend them to your products and Services.

3. Do Frequent follow-ups

Ask simple questions via email, or any other channels (called touch points). Expect them some answer to make sure they remember you / brand / products and Services. Don’t send too may frequent follow-ups and that may get negative impacts.

With their permission (Permission Marketting) help them with follow-ups and extend them to your products and Services.

4. Understand customer problems / pain and address them.

Understand your customer key problems or pain with respective to your products or services. This is important to serve them and address their problems. Keep in mind that, why should your customer buy your product or service. One you understand your customer problem you will find space for selling your products and services. Consider to make Win-Win for both parties.

5. Let us know for any further help / support.

Contact us and get more support.